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Reader's Comments:

  • "50 Hurdles: Business Transition Simplified provides business owners and their advisers readable, accessible and authoritative business transition guidance. Normally the only way to get advice steeped in this much experience is to pay $300 to $800 dollars an hour. I could not put the book down and read it one sitting."

    John Mill | Windsor, Ontario
    John Mill | Windsor, OntarioSuccession (Tax Counsel)
  • I just finished reading this book by one of our group members, Ian R. Campbell and would like to recommend it. What is really different about this impressive book is it is written by someone who has seen so many family and personal problems that can arise in a business transition. That knowledge is the missing link in succession planning. All of the other books I have read give tax or legal advice, but leave out the personal psychological hurdles that families face, and for sure do not educate the family on how to enhance business value. Absolutely a great book.

    George D. Abraham
    George D. AbrahamBusiness Evaluation Systems
  • “There are many who would presume to call themselves “experts” in this field, but Ian Campbell is one of the very few who can legitimately lay claim to that title. Drawing upon Ian’s decades of advisory experience with privately-held companies, along with his keen understanding of human behaviour, ’50 Hurdles’ provides invaluable insight into the factors which will ultimately determine the success or failure of a business transition. Anyone who owns a private business would benefit greatly from a thorough read of this book and reflecting on its implications for their own transition process. At the same time, the book will help their advisers to better work with their clients on transition issues.”

    Chris Polson | Toronto, Ontario
    Chris Polson | Toronto, OntarioPresident, CFA Society
  • “Any professional that advises families on business transition should have to read this book and keep it on their shelf as a reference.  It thoughtfully organizes 50 potential problems that we will all encounter at one point or another with our clients.  I applaud Ian for taking the time to put these concepts together to advance our ability to help owners succeed.”

    Noah B. Rosenfarb CPA | Boca Raton, Florida
    Noah B. Rosenfarb CPA | Boca Raton, FloridaEntrepreneur and Investor
  • "50 Hurdles has proven to be one of the best books on transition succession which I have read. It is my bible for understanding the process a family company must go through to successfully transition. 50 Hurdles by Ian Campbell should be a mandatory read for all those who wish to learn about the succession process and the steps necessary to achieve a successful transition whether to the next generation or to a 3rd-party buyer! Thanks for the insights, Ian.”

    Arthur Dolan | Bath, Ontario
    Arthur Dolan | Bath, OntarioDolan Estate Settlement Services Inc.
  • “This book is a must read for all business owners, especially those that are still some years from retirement.  50 Hurdles makes it clear that the passing of ownership to either the next generation or a third party is not an event, but a transition process, best planned and executed over a period of years.”

    Tim Leitch | Whitby, Ontario
    Tim Leitch | Whitby, OntarioTimoridge Group Inc.
  • “50 Hurdles is an essential read for business transition advisors, lawyers, accountants and business families. It methodically and thoroughly dissects the component elements of successful business transition into manageably discrete concepts. Then, the various hurdles every transitioning business may face are categorized by organizing concepts such as fundamental, family and high-level hurdles. It is an excellent compendium for business transition process and discussion.”

    Chris Delaney | London, Ontario
    Chris Delaney | London, OntarioFamily Wealth Strategist
  • "A must read for any one doing business with Entrepreneurs, professionals or involved with succession planning for family business.  There are a lot of simple concepts that are helpful in the planning process for change in a business.  I have given the book to some of my top clients and their chartered accountants. This book has helped me to secure some large life insurance sales and open the door to some new cases.  Ian is one of Canada’s most respected business valuators and his book 50 Hurdles – Business transition simplified can assist many Canadians in privately owned business succession planning."

    Alex Rutherford CFP, CLU, CH.F.C, TEP | Cobourg, Ontario
    Alex Rutherford CFP, CLU, CH.F.C, TEP | Cobourg, Ontario
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