Family Business Transition Planning
50 Hurdles: Business Transition Simplified

Did you know? Most inter-generational business transitions have a surprisingly low success rate:

Family Business Transition Planning Success Percentage by Generation

Our book 50 Hurdles discusses important family business transition planning concepts and considerations other literature does not do in the same way, including:

  • Why family business owners need to act now, and not procrastinate over family business transition planning! Why? Because planning and acting now is imperative in our (1) current “new economic & business normal”, and (2) aging business owner demographic
  • Why concurrent planning for both arm’s-length business sale and family business transition planning is a complementary, not conflicted, strategy
  • Why continual improvement in family business corporate governance is fundamental to successful family business transition planning
  • The reasons continual growth in business value and free cash flow is imperative to successful generational business succession
  • The importance in family business transition planning of business owners and their advisors having a working understanding of important business valuation concepts and issues, including business synergies, globalization and technological advances that are likely to impact many family businesses

Learn whether one or more of the 50 Hurdles to family business transition planning are are in fact obstacles to either arm’s length business sale or generational transition planning for your family or your clients.