Unanimous Praise for Family Business Transition Planning Book
50 Hurdles: Business Transition Simplified

50 Hurdles: Business Transition Simplified is different from other family business transition literature. It emphasizes the importance of focusing first on the family business in the current new economic, financial markets, and business sectors normal that we are experiencing in the face of ongoing globalization, technology advances, and business consolidation.

The following are excerpts from book reviews of 50 Hurdles: Business Transition Simplified written by independent third parties. Each is linked to the full book review text.

For greying entrepreneurs, ’50 Hurdles’ is a lifeline

  • Campbell does an outstanding job of communicating just how complicated business succession is – and identifying the best ways for business owners to get the most out of the process.” The way to win is to recognize and plan for every hurdle you’re likely to face in selling or passing on your business. This is the value of 50 Hurdles: pointing out the abundance of obstacles in the way of succession, and giving business owners the context, insights and sheer nerve to address each one in turn. Read the full text of Mr. Spence’s review here.

    Rick Spence  | Toronto, Ontario
    Rick Spence | Toronto, Ontario Financial Post

Book Review: 50 Hurdles: Business Transition Simplified

  • 50 Hurdles: Business Transition Simplified provides business owners and their advisers readable, accessible and authoritative business transition guidance.  Normally the only way to get advice steeped in this much experience is to pay $300 to $800 dollars an hour. I could not put the book down and read it in one sitting. Read the full text of Mr. Mill’s review here.

    John Mill | Windsor, Ontario
    John Mill | Windsor, Ontario Succession (Tax Counsel)

Don’t wait on transition planning

  • Campbell’s CV includes authoring several business valuation textbooks that have become industry standard across North America, and his latest is a new book called 50 Hurdles – Business Transition Simplified. I can’t praise it enough. These are the 50 hurdles Ian has borne witness to during his career that if not surmounted may derail a client from exiting their business. Read the full text of Mr. Merrick’s review here.  

    Peter Merrick | Toronto, Ontario
    Peter Merrick | Toronto, Ontario The Bottom Line

Ian Campbell’s New Book –  50 Hurdles: Business Transition Simplified

  • I like Campbell’s 50 Hurdles and suggest that business owners and their advisers can benefit from reading it. Buy the book and read it and share it with your family and advisers.  If you are an adviser, share it with your business owner clients. Read the full text of Mr. Mercer’s review here.

    Chris Mercer | Memphis, Tennessee
    Chris Mercer | Memphis, Tennessee Mercer Capital

Building your Business: Help for retiring owners

  • Campbell's book divides his 50 hurdles into nine categories, making it easier for readers to zero in on relevant issues affecting their personal circumstances. They are as follows, with my interpretation:

    1. Fundamental business hurdles. If the business is not already sound and viable, the likelihood of a successful transition and long-term survival is diminished significantly.
    2. High-level hurdles. Your business is an asset. In considering a transition, your overriding objective should be …..
    Read the full text of Mr. Hartman's review here.

    George Hartman | Toronto, Ontario
    George Hartman | Toronto, Ontario Investment Executive